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Dialogue with the industry. Our insights.

White paper: Plant-based alternatives on the rise – What are the opportunities for machinery manufacturers?

For the white paper, Munich Strategy examined the opportunities that the production of plant-based alternatives offers to machinery manufacturers.

Ranking: Germany’s most sustainable medium-sized companies 2023

On behalf of business medium WirtschaftsWoche, Munich Strategy has awarded the 50 most sustainable medium-sized companies 2023.

Study: Construction industry in transition

For the study, Munich Strategy surveyed over 150 CEOs on key strategic topics of the construction industry. Conclusion: Despite declines in order intakes, the industry remains resilient so far.

Resilience in mechanical and plant engineering

For the study, Munich Strategy examined how machinery and plant manufacturers must align their business models to strengthen their crisis resilience.

Study: New winners in the food ingredients industry

In a comprehensive competitive analysis, Munich Strategy analyzed approximately 40 companies from the food ingredients industry and based on that, identified current winning companies and future winners.

Ranking: Germany’s best mid-size companies 2022

Munich Strategy has identified Germany’s fastest-growing and most profitable mid-size companies for Handelsblatt, the leading business publication. The ranking is based on the companies’ revenue growth and EBIT margin.

Ranking: Germany’s Top ‘Mittelstand’ companies 2020

Munich Strategy has identified Germany’s fastest-growing and most profitable ‘Mittelstand’ companies in cooperation with business newspaper Handelsblatt. The study “TOP 100 Ranking of the ‘Mittelstand’” has been published for the eleventh time.

“Unpacked Is Not a Future Mission For Me”: Interview with packaging expert Barbara Siegert.

Barbara Siegert is a food and packaging expert and manager at Munich Strategy. In the study “Food & Packaging beyond Corona” she analyzed what the “New Normal” in the food and packaging industry will look like. In “Packaging 360°” she talked about “unpacked” and “Corona”.

Study: Digital pioneers of the “Mittelstand” 2020

In cooperation with business magazine WirtschaftsWoche, Munich Strategy and BLOOM have identified 50 companies that are “digital pioneers” in the German “Mittelstand”.

Study: Food & Packaging beyond Corona

What will the time period from mid 2021 onwards look like, when the pandemic has largely subsided in Germany and the virus is under control? Munich Strategy has identified the most important framework conditions of the “new normal” and has analyzed their effects on six central fields of action in the food and packaging industry.

Study: Stress Test “Mittelstand” 2020

Munich Strategy has conducted a stress test and analyzed the crisis resistance of German “Mittelstand” companies in times of COVID-19. Which companies have enough substance to cope with this extraordinary crisis and which are most affected?

Study: Digital pioneers of the “Mittelstand” 2019

In cooperation with business magazine WirtschaftsWoche, Munich Strategy and BLOOM have identified 50 companies that are “digital pioneers” in the German “Mittelstand”.

Study: Germany’s fastest-growing and most profitable ‘Mittelstand’ companies 2019

In cooperation with Handelsblatt, Munich Strategy has awarded Germany’s fastest-growing and most profitable ‘Mittelstand’ companies. The “TOP 100” 2019 have a permanent growth drive and manage to multiply their market leadership in other regions.

Industry Statement: The revolution of the shower place.

Our industry statement sanitary ware shows: Resin material is likely to fully replace ceramic and gradually displace acrylic and steel in the shower tray segment. Sanitary ware manufacturers who ignore this trend might be left behind.

Study: Innovation Champions 2018.

How can innovation be measured? The ranking „Innovation Champions 2018“ awards Germany’s 50 most innovative ‘Mittelstand’ companies. The study shows: innovation is more than new products. “Innovation Champions” demonstrate entrepreneurial spirit and many of them have successfully implemented business model innovations.

Study: Growth through differentiation.

The global market for industrially produced and packaged food will show stable long term growth. However, our new study shows: the rules of the industry will change fundamentally. Manufacturers of food and packaging machines are now required to realign their strategy.

Interview: Sweets in a changing world.

Saturated markets, rising commodity prices and feared regulations of sugar, fat and salt. How can sweets manufacturers find growth opportunities beyond difficult markets in Europe? We interviewed Munich Strategy partner Dr. Werner Motyka to provide answers.

Event: ‚Münchner Fenstergipfel’ 2017.

The digital transformation of the window industry. What are end customers going to pay for in the future? Which aspects of digitization will become most relevant? How will global sales markets develop in the window sector? For our event ‚Münchner Fenstergipfel‘ we brought together market leaders of the German speaking window industry and discussed the most pressing issues of the future.

Study: The digital transformation of Germany’s sanitary, heating and climate engineering industry.

Challenges and opportunities from a sales perspective. Sanitary, heating and climate companies are rocked by transformation. How can they avoid losing customer access to new digital players? We interviewed top decision makers and the craft industry and analyzed startup strategies. The results: six areas in sales that will have to be realigned.


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