Strategy, M&A and Transformation for the construction and construction supply industry.

We are construction! Since Munich Strategy was founded 17 years ago, we have been advising companies in the construction and construction supply industry with insider knowledge and a profound understanding of the industry dynamics. We work with key players from all segments as well as leading private equity investors. Our team of experts continuously analyzes current developments in order to generate new opportunities and competitive advantages for our customers.

Since 2020, the construction industry has changed more than in the decades before

Market: Increased prices and interest rates as well as expired government subsidies have changed the demand in building construction and civil engineering: companies in the construction industry are trying to adapt to a change of direction and increase their resilience

Improving energy efficiency: The industry is experiencing continued political pressure to make the building stock more energy-efficient and climate-neutral in the years to come: increased efficiency is driving the renovation business and creating momentum

Shortage of skilled employees: There is a growing gap between labor supply and demand. The exit of around 200,000 “baby boomers” in combination with stagnating entries of new employees intensifies the pressure to act and improve productivity

Serial construction and renovation: The pressure to increase productivity has never been higher in the industry. New concepts and providers of industrialized construction will stimulate an innovation push

Green Sustainability: Climate neutrality along the entire building life cycle is becoming the new standard. For companies, there are attractive opportunities and possibilities to differentiate – the unwillingness to change will lead to failure 

Retail and Online: Established manufacturer brands are increasingly in direct competition with retail brands and online players. Making themselves indispensable and positioning themselves among installers is becoming a key strategic issue for manufacturers  


Consulting means understanding. We are experts for the construction industry.

Focus areas

  • Building materials: Wood, Plastics technology, Bituminous building materials, Ceramic and mineral materials, Building systems, Wall and ceiling construction materials
  • Construction Chemicals: Concrete, mortar and cement, foams, plaster sealants, adhesives, paints and varnishes
  • Construction tools: Hand tools, machine tools, measuring tools
  • Building technology: Electrical installation energy supply, laying and connecting material, sanitary/water, heating/heating, cooling technology
  • Building design: Facade elements, building elements interior & exterior, floor coverings, drywall construction
  • Construction: Trades in building construction and civil engineering, construction planning
  • Construction machinery: Earth-moving, special civil engineering and tunnel construction, transport and lifting machinery, traffic route and pipeline construction
  • Retail: Specialized trade, Retail (DIY), E-commerce

Our industry experts

Dr. Sebastian Theopold

Dr. Constantin Greiner
Associate Partner


We deliver results. And help our customers improve.   


Sales Strategy

Munich Strategy supported a leading manufacturer of wood-based building products in implementing a direct sales program that generated sales of € 100 m in just two years.


Growth Strategy

Munich Strategy supported a European manufacturer of building materials in the development and implementation of its corporate strategy, which resulted in 45% sales growth and a 5% increase in EBITDA margin after 3 years.



Munich Strategy advised the board of directors of a leading manufacturer of prefabricated houses on their transformation of offline sales by improving digital lead generation along the value chain. A detailed analysis of the digital potential led to sales contributions of more than € 80 m.


Corporate Strategy

Munich Strategy supported a publically-listed building technology company in its strategic realignment and the reorganization of its B2B marketing and sales organization. The strategy improved our customer’s market presence and led to profitable business growth of around € 200 m.


M&A Strategy

Munich Strategy supported an international manufacturer of facade and roof systems in the development and implementation of its M&A strategy. Within 3 years, several acquisitions were realized, which contributed sales of € 150 m. 


Commercial Due Diligence

Conducting a commercial due diligence, Munich Strategy supported a major private equity fund in the acquisition of a construction technology company. To verify the investment theses, our expert team analyzed different market segments and distribution channels in selected EU regions. In addition, growth potentials were identified and their attractiveness was validated. The results were documented and presented in a report suitable for banks.


We get to the bottom of the industry’s future issues. 

Whether it’s declining volumes in new buildings, new competitors in the form of private labels and online retail, a shortage of skilled workers and the productivity trap, or trends such as modular construction: market leaders manage to strategically adapt to major challenges in the construction industry and manage to position themselves in the best possible way. Our insights provide new perspectives on current industry topics.