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10. November 2019
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Dr. Constantin
van den Akker
Dr. Constantin
van den Akker
11 / 2019

Digital pioneers 2019. Ranking of German “Mittelstand” companies with the highest digital performance and growth power.

In cooperation with business magazine WirtschaftsWoche, Munich Strategy and BLOOM have identified 50 companies that are “digital pioneers” in the German “Mittelstand”.

Munich Strategy and BLOOM have analyzed over 4.000 German companies with an annual turnover of 5 million to about 1 billion euros. The 50 companies with the highest “digital score” were selected out of 400 finalists. The digital score of a company is composed of its digital performance (2/3) and its growth power (1/3).

Excellent digital performance

The companies’ digital performance was analyzed based on 6 areas: online marketing, online presence, online sales, online customer service, physical product innovation and digital product innovation. The study shows: Digital pioneers show a consistently high performance in all areas while average “Mittelstand” companies are mainly focused on the product and concentrate on digital initiatives in the areas of physical product innovation and digital product innovation.

High growth power

The digital Pioneers’ revenue growth is five times as high as that of average “Mittelstand” companies, while EBIT growth is only twice as high. Especially digital marketplaces typically operate in a winner-takes-all market, where becoming the largest player is more important than short-term margins.

Three strategic groups

The digital Pioneers can be assigned to three strategic groups based on their main success patterns: “Customer journey champions” are able to achieve a superior customer experience by tracking and optimizing each point of contact in the digital customer journey. “Integrators” achieve best-of-both-worlds results by linking the physical and digital world in their product offering, e.g. via sensors, IoT, AI. “Disruptors” are able to unlock completely new markets, by innovating with digital business models in traditionally offline industries.

Content of the study

  • Ranking of the top 50 companies including their annual turnover 2017/2018, digital score, location, industry and company focus
  • Performance comparison between digital pioneers, average “Mittelstand” companies and DAX companies
  • Additional analyses: growth power, company age, industries and regions

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