Study: New winners in the food ingredients industry

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Dr. Werner
Dr. Werner
02 / 2022

Study: New winners in the food ingredients industry

How do the crises of the 2020s affect the competitive landscape in the food ingredients sector? Which companies are winning, which are losing? And what do companies need to do to position themselves for success in 2025 and beyond?

In a comprehensive competitive analysis, Munich Strategy analyzed around 40 companies in the food ingredients industry and based on that, identified current winning companies and future winners. Manufacturers and distribution companies of food ingredients for various application fields and user groups were examined.

Key findings

Performance leaders
Performance Leaders demonstrate sustainable above-average revenue and profit growth. Particularly, solution specialists among food ingredient manufacturers stand out for their dynamic growth and profitability. They serve a reduced number of applications with a clear unique selling proposition (USP) in technological know-how often coupled with high service competence.
Low performers
Two-thirds of the low performer companies experienced declining revenues. This is evident, especially among a number of industry specialists who suffer from consolidation on the customer side. Many low performers also demonstrate a lack of strategic focus.
Future winners
Future winners strike a balance between industry-specific issues such as solution expertise and technology, the pressure to innovate and value creation, cooperation and integration, customer orientation and supply chain, as well as broader societal issues that require sustainable solutions.

Contents of the study

    • List of analyzed companies, including revenue size categories
    • The three performance classes of the German food ingredients industry
    • Overview and categorization of selected medium-sized companies in the food ingredients industry
    • Revenue growth by performance class
    • EBIT margin by performance class
    • Overview of competitors’ financial position
    • Short- and medium-term challenges of the food ingredients industry

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