We are sparring partners and source of ideas for entrepreneurs and investors.

Founded in 2006 we have established our position as leading strategy consultants in the food and construction industry – with global projects and offices right in the heart of Munich, Amsterdam and Chicago.

We are industry experts and develop growth and internationalization strategies leading to competitive advantages – for and with our clients. We assist and manage mergers & acquisitions, we optimize business units, sales organizations, pricing models and product groups.
We are sure about one thing: market leaders don’t just sell more than their competitors. They are market leaders because they strive for growth and move forward. They create new possibilities for their customers, they innovate and tackle new markets.

We help our clients move forward.
To become market leader.

Our management.

Dr. Sebastian

Founder of Munich Strategy


  • 17 years of M&A and strategy consulting
  • digital transformation, innovative business models
  • global expert for medium-sized companies
  • member of numerous advisory boards

Head of division Packaging


  • 15 years consulting experience
  • M&A, corporate finance and restructuring
  • industry speaker and author in the area of M&A, food and packaging
Dr. Werner

Head of division Food


  • 18 years management experience
  • 12 years consulting experience
  • M&A, strategy development with a focus on sales and marketing strategy, pricing
  • industry expert and author of food studies
Dr. Constantin

Head of division construction

  • 15 years consulting experience
  • M&A, strategy development with a focus on internationalization and competitive strategy
  • industry expert and author of construction studies


  • 8 years consulting experience
  • M&A, strategy development with a focus on internationalization and competitive strategy
  • industry expert and author of construction studies


  • 8 years top management experience in FMCG/CPG industries
  • 12 years consulting experience, 2 years venture capital / private equity advisory
  • strategy development with a focus on growth strategy, innovation and digital transformation
  • industry speaker in the area of food & packaging trends and digital transformation


  • 6 years consulting and industry experience
  • strategy development with a focus on market and performance analysis
  • M&A specialist, focus on M&A strategy, commercial and vendor commercial due diligence
  • Consulting expertise: construction materials and building elements
  • author of “Mittelstand” studies


  • 5 years consulting experience
  • strategy development with a focus on sales and growth strategy as well as business model evaluation
  • industry expert for construction materials, construction chemistry and building elements

Co-founder and partner at BLOOM

  • 15 years of experience in growing internet companies
  • launched several successful internet concepts, including an online supermarket
  • data-driven growth strategy, data analytics, and digital innovation
de Graaf

Co-founder and partner at BLOOM

  • 15 years of experience in M&A and strategy consulting
  • founded an M&A boutique and two online start-ups
  • digital transformation, scaling ventures, and M&A
van den Akker

Partner at BLOOM

  • 10 years of experience in (digital) strategy consulting and entrepreneurship
  • founded multiple (social) enterprises
  • digital due diligence, data-driven growth, and pricing strategy

Consulting means understanding. We are experts for the food and construction industry.

Munich Strategy operates in 2 + 1 industries: food/packaging and construction – as well as mechanical engineering if related to one of these industries. We are familiar with anything related to food and construction. We have a detailed knowledge and a deep understanding of global connections.
We engage with all aspects – from raw materials to processors to retailers. We have an extensive network and know future trends and topics. Thus, we can provide quick and targeted advice – from strategy development to implementation.

Food & Packaging

  • Fresh Foods: meat and meat products, milk products (both milk and cheese products)
  • Non-Fresh Foods: sweets and snacks, spices and sauces
  • Frozen Foods: convenience products, pizza, snacks, baked goods
  • Mineral Water and Soft Drinks: juices, NFC juices, sodas, bitters, mineral water with or without flavoring
  • Alcoholic Drinks: beer, sparkling wine, wine, spirits
  • Plastic Packaging: flexible and hard plastics, mono and composite film
  • Paper and Cardboard Packaging: cardboard, box and compartmental packaging
  • Glass and Metal Packaging: reusable and disposable bottles, drink cans, tins
  • Food Processing Machines: slaughter machines, conveyance machines, cutting and quartering machines
  • Packaging Machines: food and pharmaceutical packaging machines
  • Sheet Metal Processing Machines: stamping and forming machines, presses, straightening machines


  • Construction Materials: wood, synthetics, bitumen, ceramic and mineral materials, building systems (wall, roof etc.)
  • Construction Chemistry: concrete, mortar, cement, industrial sealants, adhesives, paints, lacquers
  • Building Tools: hand tools, machine tools, construction machines, gauges
  • Building Technology: sanitation, heating, ventilation, air conditioning, cooling, automation, installation, energy, security systems
  • Building Design: building elements, facade construction, dry walling, flooring
  • Construction Machinery: hand-held machines, mobile construction equipment, hoisting equipment

Munich goes West.

We are a global company: 65 percent of our turnover is generated with international projects or clients outside Germany. With our office in the heart of Amsterdam and downtown Chicago we expand our international team and are readily available to our local clients.
Munich Strategy
Tuerkenstrasse 5
80333 Muenchen
t +49 (0) 89 1250 1590


Munich Strategy
Herengracht 420
1017BZ, Amsterdam
The Netherlands
t +31 (0) 20 209 1453
Munich Strategy
Industrious River North
320 W Ohio Street
Chicago, IL 60654

We don‘t follow standards. We break new ground.

We don’t need a large team to move large projects forward. Our clients enjoy working with us because we have a strong passion for our sectors and like to look at things from a different angle – to provide an additional perspective for their decisions. We analyze situations down to the smallest detail and use all relevant tools. However, we don’t provide standard reports. We enjoy going one step further – if necessary even one step back – to amaze our clients with new ideas and unorthodox solutions.

Holistic thinking

We look at problems from different angles and explore all possibilities.

Curiosity and courage

We look out for unorthodox solutions and don’t rely on standard recipes.

Take a stand

We don’t stop after the analysis. We take a position and present arguments to support it.


Our consultants are strong characters who meet our clients at eye level.

We know medium-sized companies. And what makes them successful.

We have analyzed the strongest ‚Mittelstand‘ companies for more than 10 years. Some of them stand out and become market leaders that dominate their industry, segment or region. What is their winning formula? What do these upper 5% do differently? We know the top companies in our industries and have analyzed their strategies. We know which strategic decisions have put them on the right track.
The first step is to understand our clients‘ vision – the vision of how they want their company to be. Then we penetrate their business model, their figures, compare them to KPIs from our ‚Mittelstand‘ database and analyze the market and competition. Our expertise allows us to draw the right conclusions and give sound recommendations. Tailor-made but without losing sight of the benchmarks.

Our team.