Strategy, M&A and transformation for the mechanical and plant engineering sector.

We advise companies in the mechanical and plant engineering sector on all issues related to strategy, M&A and transformation. We know many different segments of the industry and, above all, we contribute our experience and best practices in different business models ranging from component suppliers over system suppliers to full-service providers.

The year 2022 was a turning point in mechanical and plant engineering.

Sustainability: Improving sustainability has become a key opportunity for growth and differentiation within the industry. Without innovative machines and plants, political and societal guidelines and visions for a sustainable production will fail

Automation: The shortage of skilled workers in many parts of the world, rising labor costs and a multitude of requirements are forcing many manufacturing companies to continuously increase their level of automation. External shocks such as the Corona crisis are fuelling this development, which has been ongoing for some time

Connected machines and digitization: After a few years of trial and error with new, digital possibilities, applications that actually add value are now becoming more concrete. Plant control and monitoring, performance optimization or new maintenance concepts are just some of the attractive business models based on networking and digitized machines and plants

Flexibility: The supply chain crisis of recent years has shown that centralized production facilities with high throughput volumes are not necessarily the model of the future. Decentralized, smaller and more flexible production units are increasingly in demand, which goes along with a change in plant design. This creates new opportunities 

Consolidation: Some segments are experiencing a trend toward consolidation. Smaller companies are bought up by larger units and either integrated or developed stand-alone. As a result, the vendor landscape is changing, and companies need to consider the implications for themselves – buy, sell or develop the business organically



Consulting means understanding. We are experts for the mechanical and plant engineering sector.

Focus areas (excerpt)

  • Food and packaging machines
  • Measuring and testing technology
  • Materials Handling and Intralogistics
  • Refrigeration and heat pump technology
  • Electrical automation
  • Woodworking machines
  • Compressors, compressed air and vacuum technology

Our industry experts

Matthias Riemann

Melissa Motyka


We deliver results. And help our customers improve.   


Corporate Strategy

We designed a comprehensive corporate strategy for a manufacturer of food processing machinery, which was then detailed with local teams for the core regions of North America, Europe and Asia. As a result, the previously operational organization was able to further develop into an organization that thinks and acts strategically and is pursuing clear growth and positioning goals. 


Market Study

Our experts conducted a market study for packaging machines for pharmaceutical applications on behalf of the US branch of one of the world’s largest private equity funds. Based on numerous market interviews and expert discussions, it was possible to build a transparent market model and draw a detailed picture of the market size and developments at application level.


Corporate Strategy

Together with a leading manufacturer of measurement and testing technology, we developed the corporate strategy and answered all questions related to growth potential, new business models in the service and aftermarket sectors, and possible acquisition targets. As a result, the supervisory board was presented with a clear roadmap for the next five years, which has since been consistently implemented and followed up.


Commercial Factbook

We prepared a commercial factbook for a medium-sized private equity fund in a complex market segment within electrical automation and identified growth potential in the individual market segments. At the same time, the strategy of the target was highlighted and key objectives were made plausible.



Munich Strategy successfully implemented the transformation process at a manufacturer of woodworking machinery with the aim of increasing efficiency. The focus was on redesigning the organizational structure, including reporting lines to the executive board and optimizing the core processes market-to-order and order-to-cash. As a result, the strategic goals were achieved significantly earlier than planned and the organization was geared towards clear responsibilities and lean processes.


Commercial and Service Strategy

Together with a medium-sized supplier of woodworking machines, we developed the commercial and service strategy. Therefore, the corporate goals were detailed for the areas of sales and service and converted into tangible initiatives in the key sales regions. The focus was on new service concepts, fully utilizing the installed base and switching from distributor to direct sales in key markets.


We get to the bottom of future topics in mechanical and plant engineering. 

Whether it’s innovations and disruptive technologies, new value and service models, new markets and market players, or geopolitical changes impacting supply chains: We are close to the market but see the big picture so we are able to quickly classify the most important industry issues. Our insights create real competitive advantages.