Strategy, M&A and transformation for the food & packaging industry

Since Munich Strategy was founded 17 years ago, the food industry has been one of the core sectors of our business. Here we understand all facets – from raw material to processors to retailers. We have a large network of industry insiders, know the trends of the future and the latest technologies. We advise medium-sized brand and private label manufacturers, start-ups and ventures, leading international corporations and private equity investors.

The transformation of the food chain requires a strategic realignment

Consumers: European consumption habits are changing massively: More plant-based food, more attention for the origin and ethics of products

Prices: After supply crises and food inflation, prices settle at higher levels, claim larger shares of consumer budgets and leave little scope for premium products

Production: Higher animal welfare standards and a decreasing demand are causing producers to go out of business, but in changing climate conditions even plant products can no longer be produced as before

Retail: Long-established manufacturer brands are increasingly competing with private labels to attract the customers’ attention. For suppliers, making themselves indispensable to trading partners becomes a question of survival  

Packaging: The selling system “industrially packaged goods” remains without alternative even in times of scarce raw materials. However, it must be reinvented from scratch to adapt to a circular economy 

Organization: Food and near-food manufacturers need to reorganize their companies to keep up with the high pace of change in their environment  


Consulting means understanding. We are experts for the food and packaging industry.

Focus areas

  • Fresh products: Dairy products (fresh milk products, cheese), meat and meat products, bakery products, protein alternatives, delicatessen products
  • Dry goods: Confectionery and snacks, ready meals, spreads, pickles, pasta
  • Frozen food: Pizza, snacks, baked goods, convenience products
  • Beverages: Soft drinks, beer, wine, spirits, coffee, tea 
  • Ingredients: Plant- and animal-based components for the food and near-food industry
  • Near Food: Dietary Supplements, OTC, Pet Food
  • Plastic packaging: flexible and rigid plastics, reusable solutions
  • Paper and cardboard packaging: Cardboard, carton and corrugated board packaging
  • Glass and metal packaging: Non-refillable and refillable bottles, beverage cans, cans

Our industry experts

Dr. Werner Motyka

Barbara Siegert

Kai-Markus Hock


We deliver results. And help our customers improve.   


B2B Market Entry Strategy

Munich Strategy advised the board of a leading commodity-based food ingredients manufacturer on the development of their B2B market entry strategy and implementation planning for the dynamically growing segment of plant-based proteins including side-stream utilization. Along the value chain, potentials of approx. € 50m EBITDA were realized, which will contribute to revenues of more than € 300m over the next 7 years. 


Vendor CDD

Munich Strategy supported a leading German D2C brand and manufacturer of spices in the preparation of the seller-side commercial due diligence. The sale to one of the largest global food groups was successfully realized.


Corporate Strategy

Our experts supported a German food supplement manufacturer in the development and implementation of its corporate strategy, which led to a 43% growth in sales and a 5% increase in EBITDA margin after three years.


Target Search

Munich Strategy developed an M&A growth strategy for a leading manufacturer of confectionery, conducted a structured target search in five international target markets and supported the acquisition of a European start-up that opened access to the “healthy snacking” market segment.



We advised the management of a leading company in the dairy industry on the transformation of the corporate organization in order to implement the demanding corporate strategy. Second and third-level managers were actively involved in the change process. A management team was established as the governing body, with each member taking additional responsibility for a strategic growth lever.


Market Entry Strategy

A leading U.S.-based manufacturer of protective and transport packaging was planning to enter the market for pressure-sensitive applications while expanding the coating capacity at its plants. Due to the complexity of the market with a multitude of application areas and product characteristics, our market analysis was of particular importance. Market potentials, competitive landscape and positioning options were elaborated and coordinated. The most attractive strategic option was detailed and backed up with specific thrusts, milestones and business plans. Close involvement of the client team throughout the process ensured that key staff gained a good understanding of the market, were part of the implementation and actively drove it forward.


We get to the bottom of future issues in food and packaging. 

Whether it’s innovations and disruptive technologies, new markets and market participants, changed customer behavior, new distribution channels or a change in consumer needs. We know: Market leaders climb new peaks first. Our insights provide new perspectives on current industry topics.