Munich Strategy and data strategist BLOOM enter strategic partnership

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July 2, 2019


Marisa Elsäßer


Munich Strategy and data strategist BLOOM enter strategic partnership

Combination of strategy consulting and data science.

All organizations are now pursuing some form of digital agenda. Some chase new revenue sources in their core markets, others enter new markets with digital models. In this environment, uncertainty and increased speed have led to a ‘digital hype’ where any sort of digital innovation is applauded for. Prioritizing their opportunities is becoming ever more critical for companies.

We believe that data-driven companies are the winners of today and tomorrow.”

Eric Klaassen, Co-Founder of BLOOM

Combination of strategy consulting and data science

Sector specialist Munich Strategy has entered a strategic partnership with data expert BLOOM to meet this digital hype with fact-based analysis and separate what creates impact from what does not. The partnership brings together Munich Strategy’s industry knowledge and network in the food/packaging and construction industries with BLOOM’s deep skills in data science and data-driven strategy consulting. BLOOM leverages the broader data expertise of the VIQTOR DAVIS group, of which BLOOM is part.
“Partnering with BLOOM will allow us to build on their data science skills, online know-how and digital mindset to deliver the next generation of growth, competitive and internationalization strategy to our clients,” said Dr. Sebastian Theopold, founder and partner of Munich Strategy. “The Munich-Amsterdam alliance is a powerful combination. Together, working as one team, we will unlock the full potential of digitization and place our clients on the best path for future growth.”
Broad portfolio of services

The companies will offer a broad range of services to corporates and investors in the food/packaging, mechanical engineering and construction industries, ranging from data-driven growth strategy and internationalization to pricing strategy and smart innovation management. Within its portfolio, Munich Strategy will place a new focus on digital transformation and digital due diligence, the assessment of a potential target’s online performance and capabilities. Furthermore, Munich Strategy will collaborate with BLOOM to kick-start strategy implementation with custom data products, tools and algorithms.
“We believe that data-driven companies are the winners of today and tomorrow,” said Eric Klaassen, co-founder and partner of BLOOM. “Munich Strategy’s approach to market analysis, their way of understanding complex dynamics and global connections in their core industries is complimentary to BLOOM’s focus on data science. We believe together we can generate industry leading concepts, platforms and tools to advance digitization in the food and construction industries.”
Munich Strategy is a management consultancy firm with focus on mid-sized companies in the food/packaging, mechanical engineering and construction sectors. The company’s mission is to develop growth and internationali-zation strategies that will expand clients’ market leadership or increase their market share. Furthermore, they advise both vendors and buyers in all phases of the transaction process and have assisted dozens of transactions in their industries.
BLOOM is a consulting firm specialized in digital growth strategy. Its services range from the execution of a digital strategy to developing custom data products, such as machine learning algorithms and dynamic pricing engines. The BLOOM team consists of analytical strategists with online know-how and data science skills. BLOOM is part of the VIQTOR DAVIS group. As a data service provider, VIQTOR DAVIS supports companies in the use of data as a strategic asset. The group employs specialists in data strategy, governance, management, science and analytics.

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“Munich Strategy and data strategist BLOOM join forces to help clients grow digitally” (Press release)

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