MSG conducts market research and analysis for small and medium enterprises and, based on this, develops independent perspectives about key issues and trends in the construction, food/packaging and mechanical engineering industries.

  • Dr. Sebastian Theopold, Maximilian Maurer
  • November 2017

Innovation Champions 2017

How do innovative companies of the 'German Mittelstand' keep their competitors at distance? What are their strategies and patterns for success? This MSG study explores these questions and lists Germany's 'Innovation Champions 2017'.

  • Dr. Sebastian Theopold, Christoph Vogel, Dr. Constantin Greiner
  • October 2017

Private equity and the German 'Mittelstand'. From 'corporate raiders' to valued partners.

The German 'Mittelstand' is opening up to investments from private equity companies. What are the mutual expectations?

  • Dr. Sebastian Theopold, Christoph Vogel, Dr. Constantin Greiner
  • April 2017

Germany’s sanitary-, heating and climate engineering industry in digital distress. Challenges and opportunities from a sales perspective.

Rocked by transformation, the industry is undergoing a fundamental change process that will alter the game for sales organizations. Without innovative concepts the risk of losing ground to the competition looms.

  • Matthias Riemann, Dr. Werner Motyka, Tim Heise
  • March 2017

Forbidden fruit or apple of the digital eye? The importance of digitalization for the food industry.

The new Munich Strategy Group (MSG) study introduces order for structuring the confusion of digitization topics and is working out the top fields of action/ spheres of acitvity for the food industry.

  • Matthias Riemann, Christoph Blepp, Katharina Machovsky
  • February 2017

Dead end for live stock? Game changer in the meat and processed meat industry

The meat and processed meat industry is subject to an irreversible development that will fundamentally change the entire industry in the course of the 21st century. The study shows ways and success factors to lever these potentials.

  • Dr. Sebastian Theopold, Christoph Vogel, Florian Moll
  • December 2016

MSG TOP 100 Ranking of SMEs 2016 – Growth and Revenue Stars in Germany

How would the German economy be without the small and medium enterprises? Half as successful, half as varied and certainly far less international. The growth and revenue stars of German SMEs have been confirmed.