A three-level division – MSG investigates the TOP 100 companies of the German Mittelstand

The German Mittelstand is considered to be the secret weapon of the German economy. But upon closer inspection, there are in fact great disparities in terms of performance within the German Mittelstand.

The Munich Strategy Group (MSG) selects the 100 fastest-growing and most profitable German Mittelstand companies for the fifth consecutive year. This is based on performance indicators and strategy information from approximately 3,300 German Mittelstand companies that are gathered in a database specifically designed for this purpose.The TOP 100 companies from  the German Mittelstand distinguish themselves from the mass thanks to their outstanding performance in the past five years. They are undisputed leaders in their market segments and regions, have a strategic vision and continuously extend their lead over their followers.

Three classes in the German Mittelstand – very few Lighthouse Companies stand out

  • The German business landscape is characterised by clear performance differences
  • No growth, no profit: 30% of Mittelstand companies are unstable and have to overcome considerable performance deficit
  • Well established: The middle class is growing steadily but is failing to overcome decisive growth barriers
  • Performance Leaders: Lighthouse companies continue to distance themselves from the mass by growing faster than the average and achieving high EBIT ratios

      Fast Lane: The TOP 100 grow faster than the competition and continue to extend their lead
      • The TOP 100 companies are holding their growth pace
      • Growth rates: over 10% p.a.
      • The TOP 100 are the clear winners of the 2009 financial and economic crisis
      • Average revenue of about 140 M. EUR
      • Prognosis: in 2014 the economy seems to continue to slow down – no real growth impulses are forseeable for small and medium-sized German companies

      The basis of our work for many years has been the trust that SME’s have in our strategies and growth expertise. We accompany owners, general managers, decision makers and investors in the design and implementation of essential corporate demands for the future. Whether this is to build targeted market leadership or to unlock the peak position in their market segment.Through our industry competence, we understand the market mechanics of our customers. With our experience of more than 250 strategy projects, we know how to develop effective strategy concepts for SME’s and what is particularly important in the implementation process. On the basis of our unique data and fact sets of more than 3.300 companies, we quickly make critical competitive information and benchmarks available for our customers.

      MSG SME Database: More than 3.300 small and medium enterprises with a turnover volume ranging between 15 and 450 million € at a glance

      Die Basis unserer Arbeit ist das Vertrauen, das mittelständische Unternehmer seit vielen Jahren in unsere Strategie- und Wachstumsexpertise haben. Wir begleiten Inhaber, Geschäftsführer, Entscheider und Investoren bei der Ausgestaltung und Implementierung der entscheidenden unternehmerischen Zukunftsfragen. Entweder um die Marktführerschaft gezielt auszubauen oder um in die Spitzengruppe in ihrem Marktsegment aufzuschließen.

      Durch unsere Branchenkompetenz verstehen wir die Marktmechanik unserer Kunden. Mit der Erfahrung aus mehr als 150 Strategieprojekten wissen wir, wie wirksame Strategiekonzepte im Mittelstand entwickelt werden und worauf es bei der Umsetzung besonders ankommt. Auf der Basis unseres einzigartigen Daten- und Faktensatzes aus mehr als 2.000 Unternehmen verfügen wir schnell über die entscheidenden Wettbewerbsinformationen und Benchmarks für unsere Kunden.